© Eric Edelman / RETROCOLLAGE

© Eric Edelman / RETROCOLLAGE

Living Online Lab offers a unique curriculum that provides a one-stop solution for teaching Internet Studies in primary schools, high schools and colleges. Our goal is to help educate a new generation of knowledgeable, engaged, and critical digital citizens.

Described by The Atlantic as "the liberal arts of virtual living," the Living Online curriculum covers key aspects of the Internet, digital culture, and the intersection of humans and technology. 

More than 30 modules, comprising lesson plans and multimedia resources, have been developed by teachers and leading academics, and piloted in schools in the U.S and Canada. The curriculum is aligned to both national and ISTE standards, and subscribers receive regular updates, reflecting the rapid developments in the digital world.

Modules include: Who Owns the Internet?; A is for Algorithm; Cyberethics; Diversity of Thought; Mind over Media; Remix Culture; Information vs. Knowledge; Privacy - Dead or Alive?; Cyberskeptics vs. Digital Utopians - Which Web do we Want?; The Dark Side of the Web; Writing & Reading Online.

Living Online Lab is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization